Monthly Archive: October 2018

XWA Xtreme Rumble 1

Cross vs Theory on PowerslamTV

Matt Cross takes on Austin Theory in an “Indie Dream Match” at the 18th annual fan favorite XWA Xtreme Rumble. Now available on PowerslamTV! PowerslamTV is the largest pro wrestling channel with OVER 3,400...

Will Ospreay 2

Will Ospreay

INFO Name: Will Ospreay Aliases: Dark Britannico Age: 25 Height: 6′-2″ Weight: 197 Birthplace: Rainham, England SCOUTING REPORT Aerial: I don’t think there has ever been anyone better off of his feet than Will...

Bar Wrestling - Day of the Undead 0

Bar Wrestling – Day of the Undead

Check out Blue Chip Prospect Austin Theory vs Brian Cage at Bar Wrestling – Day of the Undead on Novermber 1st at the American Legion Hall in Baldwin, CA. More Info at @BarWrestling Watch...

CZW-Smash London 1

MJF on PowerslamTV

Watch Blue Chip Prospect Maxwell Jacob Friedman take on Cody Deaner at SMASH x CZW in London, Canada which was recently uploaded to PowerslamTV PowerslamTV is the largest pro wrestling channel with OVER 3,400...

Pat Monix 0

Pat Monix

INFO Name: Pat Monix Aliases: Dr. Winston Von Voorhees Age: 25 Height: 6′-0″ Weight: 200 Birthplace: Chicago, IL SCOUTING REPORT Aerial: Monix has excellent agility. He trained with Galli Lucha Libre in Chicago so...

Zelo Pro - Halloween Survival 1

Zelo Pro – Halloween Survival

Check out Pat Monix at Zelo Pro – Halloween Survival tonight! Thursday, October 25th at Joe’s Bar in Chicago!

SCWPro - Hawkamania IV Feature 0

SCWPro – Hawkamania VI

Check out Blue Chip Prospect Connor Braxton as he takes on Joe Asa at SCWPro – Hawkamania IV on October 27th at Wildwood Smokehouse & Saloon in Iowa City, IA. More info at

Austin Theory 1

Austin Theory

INFO Name: Austin Theory Aliases: None Age: 21 Height: 6′-1″ Weight: 220 Birthplace: McDonough, GA SCOUTING REPORT Aerial: He is a average flyer. He has excellent agility and moves with grace and fluidity. However,...

Connor Braxton 1

Connor Braxton

INFO Name: Connor Braxton Aliases: Xavier Church Age: 23 Height: 6′-5″ Weight: 240 Birthplace: Bettendorf, IA SCOUTING REPORT Aerial: Braxton moves very well for a big man. His comfort and fluidity in the air...

Matt Riddle 1

Matt Riddle

INFO Name: Matt Riddle Aliases: None Age: 32 Height: 6′-2″ Weight: 216 Birthplace: Allentown, PA Overview: A natural-born athlete with a MMA background. He excels at grappling, submissions, striking and his superior agility allows...