SquaredEagle dedicates ourselves to finding and promoting the best up-and-coming independent wrestlers in the world.  Our rating system is based on no actual scientific data.  We strictly observe and give our opinions.  Any information on SquaredEagle should not be used in any capacity other than personal enjoyment.  Our intention is not to offend, but rather to exhibit, promote and inspire within the great sport of professional wrestling.

Prospects Criteria

To be eligible as an independent prospect, a wrestler must meet the following criteria:

  • Age – A prospect must be under 35 years of age
  • Experience – A prospect must have less than 10 years of wrestling experience.
  • Independence – A prospect must compete for at least 5 different promotions over the course of one year.  Henceforth, any wrestler exclusively employed by one promotion such as World Wrestling Entertainment, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Impact Wrestling or any other will not be eligible.


We give each prospect a cumulative grade based on their abilities in the following categories:

  • Aerial – How well a wrestler performs in the air, including how often they go to the top rope and their creativity and execution off the mat.
  • Appearance – A wrestler’s overall look including physique, ring gear, hair and any other elements contributing to their appearance.
  • Charisma – How well the wrestler conveys themselves in interviews, the appeal and depth of their character, as well as their ability of sell their opponents moves.
  • Power – A wrestler’s overall strength as well as their ability to perform power moves and their frequency, inventiveness and delivery.
  • Technical – A wrestler’s abilities in the ring including grappling, striking, submissions and overall movement.

Blue Chips

We consider wrestlers who achieve an overall rating of 7.5 or higher as Blue Chip Prospects.  They are very likely to move on to the WWE at some point in their future.


Once a prospects signs with or begins to work exclusively for one promotion they will be removed from the prospect list.  Likewise, if they exceed the age or experience limits they will be removed and classified as a Graduate.

If you are or know of a prospect that you believe should be added to SquaredEagle please Contact Us.