Brian Pillman Jr














  • Standout Appearance
  • Has the "It" Factor
  • Well-Trained


  • Could Increase Muscle Definition
  • Only Sufficient Power
  • Still Inexperienced


Name: Brian Pillman Jr
Aliases: None
Age: 25
Height: 6′-2″
Weight: 220
Birthplace: Cincinnati, OH


Aerial: The son of “Flying” Brian Pillman has all the athletism of his father and Pillman Sr. was ahead of his of time for aerial skills. Yet, the level of acrobatic accuracy required to be considered a top flyer has raised exponentially since his death. That being said, Pillman Jr’s air game is more than adequate. He doesn’t attempt anything groundbreaking by today’s standards, but he pulls it off well which may be more important.

Appearance: Blessed with being the spitting image of his dad, it only makes sense that he would revive Pillman’s classic look. He could increase his muscle definition slightly, but the hair, glasses, and jackets all work for him. His appearance standouts and there’ a nostalgia factor for older fans.

Charisma: The coveted “it” factor is one of the strongest assets young Brian possesses. He exudes confidence when he walks to the ring and is fearless in his promos and interactions with the crowd. His abundance of attitude helps carry him through spots where inexperienced wrestlers might often struggle.

Power: Pillman has decent but not devastating power. He’s got a sufficient frame. Perhaps a little more work in the gym and time to grow into his own body and he could become a genuine powerhouse, but that’s not his focus right now.

Technical: Despite having only a little over a year of in-ring experience, Pillman is quite smooth. I think the credit for that goes to his training with Lance Storm in Calgary. His moveset is still mostly basic, but he executes it well and as he adds to his repertoire I expect he’ll become quite impressive.

Overview: Most of the time when a young wrestler is saddled with a re-hashed gimmick it’s a recipe for disaster. Albeit, this is not the case with Pillman Jr. The fact that his father’s career was cut short and how contradictory the character is to everything else out there today makes it perfect for him. On top of that, he’s got the look, the moves, and that intangible star quality that would lead him to success regardless. While he’s given himself big shoes to fill, he seems more than capable and primed to be a breakout star.

Projection: Upper Mid-Card

WWE Comparison: Brian Pillman (Obviously)


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