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Prospects Who No Longer Meet the Criteria

Ilja Dragunov 1

Ilja Dragunov

INFO Name: Ilja Dragunov Aliases: None Age: 25 Height: 5′-9″ Weight: 187 Birthplace: Moscow, Russia SCOUTING REPORT Aerial: Ilja uses a variety of aerial moves, but he lacks the fluidity and grace we’ve seen...



INFO Name: ACH Aliases: Albert C. Hardie Jr. Age: 30 Height: 5′-9″ Weight: 222 Birthplace: Austin, TX SCOUTING REPORT Aerial: His top skill is his expertise in the air. Consequently, ACH is a very...

Trevor Lee 2

Trevor Lee

INFO Name: Trevor Lee Aliases: None Age: 25 Height: 5′-11″ Weight: 209 Birthplace: Cameron, NC SCOUTING REPORT Aerial: Lee has surprisingly good agility. I wouldn’t classify him as a high flyer per se, but...

Juice Robinson 2

Juice Robinson

INFO Name: Juice Robinson Aliases: CJ Parker Age: 29 Height: 6′-3″ Weight: 220 Birthplace: Joliet, IL Overview: Robinson has good size and a good look. He is extremely athletic and moves well around the...

Shane Strickland 5

Shane Strickland

INFO Name: Shane Strickland Aliases: Killshot Age: 28 Height: 6′-0″ Weight: 191 Birthplace: Tacoma, WA SCOUTING REPORT Aerial: Strickland is a aerial expert. He’s one of the top flyers in the game today. His...

Matt Riddle 1

Matt Riddle

INFO Name: Matt Riddle Aliases: None Age: 32 Height: 6′-2″ Weight: 216 Birthplace: Allentown, PA Overview: A natural-born athlete with a MMA background. He excels at grappling, submissions, striking and his superior agility allows...