Cody Hall














  • Array of Aerial Moves
  • Legit Monster Size
  • Devastating Power


  • No Developed Character
  • Limited Move Variety


Name: Cody Hall
Aliases: None
Age: 28
Height: 6′-8″
Weight: 279
Birthplace: Miami, FL


Aerial: Despite being 6′-8″, Hall has a good array of aerial moves. Definitely, more than you would expect from a man of his size. He’ll probably never be the best high flyer ever, but if he can continue to develop in this area it could be something that truly sets him apart.

Appearance: Cody Hall has legit monster size. He’s a towering menace. On top of that, he actually seems to have put on more muscle recently. His gear and entrance apparel have a few references to his father, Scott Hall aka Razon Ramon, but he’s not heavily relying on that.

Charisma: Like aerial moves, this is another category which isn’t necessarily the top priority for big men. Again, Hall does better than you’d expect. He doesn’t quite have the swagger of his dad, but he’s not nearly as stiff as other giants. He does not seem to have a fully developed character yet, but he’s still young.

Power: Everything coming for Hall looks twice as devastating as it would from someone else. It’s probably due to his size, but it’s still impressive. I’d like to see him mix in a larger variety of power moves, but that’s being nitpicky.

Technical: Cody has solid technical skills. I’m sure coming up as a “young boy” in Japan helped him develop those skills early on his training. That being said, Hall isn’t looking to spend a lot of time on the mat, nor does he need to. In the case that he does, he seems like he can hold his own.

Overview: The old adage is “you can’t teach height.” Cody Hall was blessed with not only great stature but also a WWE HOF father. So, right out of the gate he has the size and the pedigree. However, that’s not all it takes and Hall has done nicely to develop the other skills needed. It’s surprising that he hasn’t spent more time state-side, but obviously wrestling in Japan hasn’t hurt his career either. I can only imagine there are more than a few promotions, particularly in Florida, that would love to sign Hall as a full-time performer.

Projection: Upper Mid-Card

WWE Comparison: Razor Ramon


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