Five Best Wrestlers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

1. Pat Monix

Pat Monix

Overview: One thing I don’t measure is heart, and I think Pat Monix will succeed based on his desire alone. I see a lot of similar qualities in him to Will Ospreay or AJ Styles and those guys have made pretty decent careers for themselves. There’s a bright future for him as a light-heavyweight and if he can keep improving he should make it to the next level.

WWE Comparison: Mustafa Ali

2. Hammerstone

Alexander Hammerstone

Overview: Hammerstone has a lot going for him. He’s got the look and he’s got the power. On the other hand, his muscular frame makes him look a bit stiff in the ring at times and his repertoire is limited to mostly power moves, but the good outweighs the bad. With a little improvement in some other areas, he’d have a very desirable skillset. I believe Hammerstone has a lot of potential for the future.

WWE Comparison: Jinder Mahal

3. Jurn Simmons

Jurn Simmons

Overview: Jurn Simmons demands your attention. It’s a fairly simple gimmick, a Viking from the Netherlands, but it works. He combines power and athleticism with an innate charisma. Which is why the WWE has already pegged him as one of the top stars in mainland Europe. Look for him in the big leagues soon.

WWE Comparison: Alexander Wolfe

4. Chris Ridgeway

Chris Ridgeway

Overview: I always enjoy wrestler who excel at a particular skill because it creates interesting match-ups and inherent storylines. At only 25, he has plenty of time to round-out the other parts of his game. Size, or lack thereof, is always an issue in the WWE. Chris Ridgeway has taken a very smart approach because his skill set is specifically designed to offset size and power. In the end, I’m not sure it will be enough to attain the WWE’s attention. Which is unfortunate, because it should be.

WWE Comparison: Ken Shamrock

5. Austin Theory

Austin Theory

Overview: Austin Theory is an incredible raw talent. He looks great and has astonishing power. At his very young age, he has plenty of time to refine his craft and it’s scary to imagine where he’ll be as he gets deeper into his career.

WWE Comparison: Chris Benoit

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