Five High-Flying Wrestlers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Here are five of the best High-Flying wrestlers that you’ve probably never heard of.

1. Pat Monix

Crosstown Classic

Aerial Grade: 8.1

If you’ve never heard of Pat Monix, just know he has excellent agility. He trained with Galli Lucha Libre in Chicago so his aerial skills are wonderful. He’s a bit taller and lankier than the typical flyer, but he pulls it off with grace and style.

2. Brody King


Aerial Grade: 8.6

In spite of his size, Brody King is actually very proficient in the lucha libre style. It’s always entertaining to see a big man walk the ropes, do monkey-flips or perform flying arm drags and King can do all those things. He’s still somewhat limited by his weight but operates extremely well in the air.

3. Myron Reed

Aerial Grade: 8.7

Myron Reed is strictly a flyer. That’s all he’s really concerned with right now. That being said, he’s not the best flyer I’ve ever seen. However, he does have a fearlessness that few others possess. As shown by his insane dives.

4. Ace Austin

Suicide Blockbuster

Aerial Grade: 8.7

This is Ace Austin’s top skill. Austin moves fluidly through the air and uses a variety of different aerial attacks. His originality is what sets him apart. He’s not just doing the same four or five aerial moves everyone else is.

5. Darby Allin

Homicide Dive

Aerial Grade: 9.1

Allin’s grace and flexibility in the air is second to none. His background is unusual for a wrestler. He was a semi-pro skateboarder before he became entered wrestling. No doubt, his excellent balance, and flexibility are due to his time spent on the half-pipe.

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