Five More Great Wrestlers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

1. Jake Something

Jake Something

Overview: Jake Something is a prospect in the truest sense. It’s still relatively early in his career and his skills are progressing rapidly. I’d like to see him focus on one area and make that his trademark. Whether it be power moves, or high-flying, or submission skills, he should try to be known for something. Nevertheless, he has a ton of upside and with continued growth, in a few years he will be he is already main-eventing smaller and larger shows and getting looks from the majors. Remember his name.

WWE Comparison: Elias

2. Connor Braxton

Connor Braxton

Overview: Athletically speaking he is remarkably gifted. He also has the potential to be exceptional in multiple areas, which is rare. He needs to continue to craft his skills and he needs to develop more of a character than just being a big man. That being said, at his young age and his current trajectory, he should find himself with a major promotion rather quickly.

WWE Comparison: Drew McIntyre

3. Wardlow


Overview: Wardlow is a very large man. In his early matches, his movements were a bit stiff and lumbering. Recently however his work and dedication are paying off. He appears to be improving by leaps and bounds. He still needs development, but you can see he is moving in the right direction. Additionally, he has more than enough power to camouflage any deficiencies in other areas. Regardless, if his technical ability ever catches up to his look and strength, Watch Out!

WWE Comparison: Big E

4. Ilja Dragunov

Ilja Dragunov

Overview: Ilja Dragunov reminds me a little of Ric Flair. Even though I find his over-selling a bit silly, the crowd eats it up. Even so, Flair was a much better technical wrestler than Dragunov is now. At the same time, he is still very young and has plenty of time to improve. The rumors are that he will soon or may have already signed with WWE. I’m not sure he will connect with American or English audiences the same way he has with the Germans, but it will undoubtedly boost his career.

WWE Comparison: Crash Holly

5. Josh Briggs

Josh Briggs

Overview: For someone having only a little under two years since his debut, Josh Briggs has a very refined game. He still suffers slight missteps from time-to-time, but overall he moves remarkably smoothly. This may be due to his athletic background, as he played Division 1 Football prior to starting his wrestling career. His appearance and his character feel very familiar, so I’d also like to see him do something to set himself apart in those aspects. Only time will tell how much he will improve, but Briggs is definitely a star on the rise.

WWE Comparison: Bradshaw

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