Mance Warner














  • Expressive Facials
  • Gift of Gab
  • Reminiscent of ECW


  • No Aerial Skills
  • Limited Technical Ability
  • Too Reliant on Hardcore Style?


Name: Mance Warner
Aliases: None
Age: 30
Height: 6′-1″
Weight: 215
Birthplace: Bucksnort, TN


Aerial: Warner is not going to take to the air much. This is not a big part of his game.

Appearance: Mance fits his “Southern Psycho” moniker to a tee. It’s an unrivaled look and it fits him well. He looks like an extra from the movie “Deliverance”, or what I imagine someone from Bucksnort, TN would look like. He also has very expressive facials, which add to his whole vibe.

Charisma: Ol’ Mancer was blessed with the gift of gab. He’s a great talker and his genuine and laid back approach pulls the fans in. He’s naturally charismatic and that instantly makes you more invested in his matches. If Warner doesn’t end making it as a wrestler for some reason, he would have a great career as a manager.

Power: Mance is surprisingly strong. He’s not muscular and he’s got a kind of lanky body shape that you would expect from a much taller man. However, in small doses, he can muster up impressive power.

Technical: Warner describes his own style as “light beers and lariats”. As you can imagine, he’s not performing a lot of submissions or chain wrestling. Mance is a straight brawler, which is slightly refreshing. Yet, I’d like to see him increase his ability in this area. I don’t think adding solid technical ability would hurt his character and in fact, it might add another level to it. Perhaps his opponents would question whether he truly is a psychopath or if its all for a psychological edge.

Overview: Mance Warner reminds me of an old-school ECW wrestler. He has the ability to “get over” with crowds on his mic skills and persona, despite having limited in-ring skills. The danger for him is not to become too reliant on the “hardcore/death match” aspects and continue to use that as a crutch. He will have to improve his technical skills and learn to incorporate both styles. Otherwise, his career options will be very limited going forward. For now, Ol’ Mancer is a lot of fun to watch.

Projection: Lower Mid-Card

WWE Comparison: The Sandman


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